Gutter Roof

Gutter Roof is a clog free gutter protection system. It works with surface tension combined with capillary action. The patented design allows rainwater to adhere to the dome of the cap while leaves and debris blow off the roof. The existing gutter system is now a free-flowing roof drainage system. Gutter Roof can be installed on most roofs with a pitch range up to 12/12, including mansard roof. The maintenance-free Gutter Roof does not fasten with clips or brackets and can be installed over existing gutters. It also extends the life of gutters and increases the value of your home while preserving its “curb appeal”. Gutter Roof comes in a variety of colors as well as, its special “gritty texture” to best match your roof shingles.





Available Colors

Please note: Colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor displays. For anyone wanting more accurate color information, please call and we’ll mail you physical swatches of your choice(s).

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